Diary of a forensic accountant: Part 2

ArticleOctober 2016

Legal / Corporate / Quantification / Valuation / Disputes / Transaction Advisory

The second in a series on the life of a forensic accountant, which explores HS2 and dealing with compulsory purchase orders.

As appeared in Economia, 11 October 2016

By: James Stanbury

Vanity project or golden opportunity? Infrastructure projects, whether at a local, regional or national level, have a habit of polarising opinion and forging interest groups on both sides of the tracks. HS2 is no exception.

Against a backdrop of political lobbying by those for (who promote shorter journey times, increasing capacity, driving economic growth) and those against (who cite cost, environmental impact, alternative uses of government funds) it is, of course, individuals, communities and businesses that will be affected and find their historical status quo significantly altered by the project.

As part of my work on such projects as HS2 and Crossrail, it’s clear that their impact can be very significant, whether it’s a small family business or part of a FTSE quoted multinational.

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